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TSC Licensing confirmation thread

23rd of March, 2015 18:53

TSC Licensing confirmation thread

Hi everyone, this thread is intended for those of you who regularyly contribute to TSC through the GitHub tracker. As GitHub has no way to have us specify the licensing people should follow when they post something on our tracker, you can instead drop your licensing statement once and for all into this thread. Note that if you only contribute through the forums, this is not required, because the forum rules say everything you post on the forum is licensed properly already. So, if you want to contribute through the GitHub tracker, and don’t want to re-post your licensing statements all the time, please use a statement like the following:
I license all the graphics, music, sounds, level, and translation contributions I make from now on to the game of “The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M.” via the GitHub tracker and pull request system as CC-BY 4.0.
If you contribute by other means than GitHub, also include those means (e.g. “...via my dropbox share...”). Please do not simply state “by all means”. The more precise you are, the better it is. If you don’t want to license as CC-BY 4.0, please insert another license that you like. We will complain if it doesn’t fit the game’s license smile emoticon Valete, Quintus