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Testers Needed...

29th of July, 2015 05:34

Testers Needed...

We have released the first release candidate of version 2.0 of TSC on 2015-07-27. We are in need of testing in order to help ensure the stability of the game. The current schedule is to do a new release candidate every two weeks until no bugs are found. If no bugs are found, the release candidate is released as version 2.0 to all players. Thus in the current schedule, the game could be released on August 10, 2015 at the earliest. [b]Without proper testing, there is a risk of an unstable release.[/b] If anyone can help test the game, it is greatly appreciated. Please be sure to also try things such as level creation, saving, etc. @ciro589m @cirocc @DevEd @francisscottfitzgerald @levelengine @penguin @souliaq