17th of November, 2016 18:35

[tsc-devel] Git commit formatting

Hi everyone, please do not use overly long titles for commit messages. The output of the $ git log command otherwise gets difficult to read. For example, commit 90decbde04c40593421779ec89f0265790d30e87 has a title consisting of several sentences -- this should not be done. Please always use a concise heading describing the change, and describe the changes in detail (if required) after an empty line. This makes all tools formatting commit messages work properly, which assume the entire first line is the heading. Read this if you are unsure about commit message guidelines: http://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/ (this link is the #1 result in Google if you search "how to write good git commit messages" wink emoticon) I do not agree with the entire list of suggestions, but in general, they are very sensible for anyone. Greetings Marvin
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