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Developer Discussion

[ANN] New domain for the Secretchronicles project

21st of December, 2016 18:15

[tsc-devel] [ANN] New domain for the Secretchronicles project

Hi everyone, thanks to the great efforts of xet7 and sydney, the TSC project now owns the domain. The web services already have been switched over (and now support HTTPS!), the rest is currently in the process of being migrated. The domain will for now be kept, as we are not sure what we'll do with it. For now, all content on redirects to the new .org domain. Please update your mail client to send to addresses now instead of the old .de ones (e.g., the mailinglist tsc-devel@xxxxxxx has now moved to tsc-devel@xxxxxxx Please inform us of any inconveniences you experience in our infrastructure, either by speaking up in IRC (#secretchronicles on or by emailing our administrator xet7 at <x@xxxxxxx>. Happy hacking! Marvin