8th of January, 2017 13:45

[tsc-devel] [ANN] TSC Team Membership removal

Hi everyone, I have removed brianvanderburg2 (simpletoon) from the TSC Team due to inactivity. See my e-mail to him below. Valete, Marvin P.S. Originally I had addressed the mail to the list as well, but due to my habits I addressed it to the .de list address of course, so it failed to deliver to the list for obvious reasons. So I repeat that with this email.
Original message <<<<<<<<<<<<<
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 Hi Brian, in accordance with §3(1)(Nr.2) of the Voting Rules of the Secretchronicles Project in their current version (VotR), I hereby remove you from the TSC Team due to inactivity for more than a year. Your last acticity in the project was a commit from 2015-03-21[1], and the required removal notice was send to you on 2016-12-02 and was not answered until today, which is more than the two week interval stipulated by the Voting Rules. Thus, with effect from now, you been removed from the GitHub Secretchronicles organisation and thereby lost your TSC Team membership and voting right (§§ 3(2)(1), 1 VotR). ************** Right to Complain ************** You can file complaint against this decision with 14 days with the project lead (me) or project assistant lead (datahead <cjj_009@xxxxxxx>). In your complaint please outline why the procedural rules for removing you have been violated. *********************************************** Marvin Gülker, aka Quintus TSC project lead. [1]: https://github.com/Secretchronicles/TSC/commit/5faf1c53804b9b3134107b624424a7481ce65f2c - -- Blog: http://www.guelkerdev.de PGP/GPG ID: F1D8799FBCC8BC4F -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEcBAEBCAAGBQJYckE6AAoJEPHYeZ+8yLxPRe4IALasme0uFOrTeXouE7p9fsva poU+fF1cvk8VeqvLFsTUb8ZY8yq5r8mWtD4/uFthhgfJFOa6CVmTZLnqxWz5GIuo uKKmLbb/VTM7RFju+HDnLLk+uZqWR7icnSSYgtqrbNdNr2KjQlqSBJH3d8Q4+Rum DL3d2HzefqYnEZWsSNQtRt8UrISXxG03XexDyQwjq0/0or3q++dvMm8zTkqEIr+/ QwYQXfwO3HrRvuViiorNS8r2vdQMYpVkBxn7ptMxkzGKySSsppAnq+tqkrnv6ip7 eCeNLVqFm8+zoxjw9lS8S1Xx6PUBzy2paQUUsMiy3vrsShvDota4jL/oOheq1bw= =Il7z -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----