21st of January, 2017 21:55

[tsc-devel] [ANN] sauer2 has left the TSC team

Hi everyone, sauer2 has announced it on the tracker[1], and it appears he has now removed himself from the Secretchronicles GitHub organisation[2], thereby leaving the TSC team. I think it is time to say thank you to sauer2 for several high-quality levels he has submitted to earlier SMC and later TSC, and to wish him good luck with whatever project he intends to pursue from now on. Thank you, sauer2! Valete, Marvin a.k.a. Quintus TSC project lead. [1]: https://github.com/Secretchronicles/TSC/issues/596#issuecomment-273527365 [2]: https://github.com/orgs/Secretchronicles/people
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