29th of January, 2017 08:38

[tsc-devel] On the COPYING file

Hi everyone, my current Internet connection appearently is not good enough for GitHub; I cannot make any comments there. Good we have a mailinglist. First, on the name of the COPYING file. This name for the license file is the standard naming amongst GPL-licensed projects, and pretty much every project licensed under GPL and I think every GNU project names the file like this. If I remember correctly, the GPLv2 explicitely recommended naming the license file like that in the appendix "how to apply this license to your program". Thus, this is by no means an unusual name for a license file. As a side note, LGPL-licensed projects often additionally come with a "COPYING.LESSER" file containing the LGPL text. Then, on the problem with CMake. I'm sorry that I overlooked the issue. datahead has properly fixed the problem with commit 0b06d2c983af5eab6edaeb2b18620a98b9008441. From CMake's perspective the directory containing the `CMakeLists.txt' file *is* the root directory of the project. This only isn't true for us due to the drafts/ directory one level up from there, but once we extract that directory into a separate repository as it is planned anyway the problem will vanish, as the contents of the tsc/ directory will then move up by one level. `TSC_SOURCE_DIR' contains the path to the directory containing `CMakeLists.txt'. Greetings Marvin aka Quintus
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