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Developer Discussion

Status of server backups

15th of February, 2017 01:37

[tsc-devel] Status of server backups

Hello all, The 160GB backup HDD in my server that i store Alexandria's backups on was 85% full, so i ran the sync command with the --delete option, and now just have a current copy of what is on the Alexandria at the moment. So I currently have backups from July 12, 2016 - current, and will keep saving them until the hard drive gets full again. I also copied the contents of the TSC backup HDD to a separate hard drive before I ran the rsync --delete command, and will keep that copy for 6 months or so (or longer if you all prefer, as long as space doesn't get too tight on that hard drive), in case we happen to need anything. If anyone has any concerns/objections, feel free to let me know. Thanks! -Sydney