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Developer Discussion

Taking a break from TSC development

10th of March, 2017 11:15

[tsc-devel] Taking a break from TSC development

Hi everyone, I guess everyone has noticed my absence from the IRC channel during the last days, if not weeks. It is time to confess that I currently cannot further continue development of TSC in the same mannor that I used to do before, so I hereby announce that I take a break from TSC development. I am in a very demanding phase of my studies and thus cannot spare the time to work on TSC. I will code this weekend on the multiple level exits feature and if it doesn't prove too difficult I hope I can finish it in this time. Afterwards, I will only very occasionally be available in IRC or for coding. The only consequence to draw from this is that I at least temporarily need to give up my position as project lead. I will further continue to read the mailinglist and drop into IRC every now and then, and maybe even give some comments on the tracker, but that's about it. I invite everyone to think about how to continue with this project now that it finally appears to gain some momentum. If any questions arise with regard to the TSC code, I remain available to give advice on it, but as said, there will be no major coding efforts by me beyond the multiple level exits feature. The most certain option to reach me is by posting to the mailinglist, as any of its content is delivered directly into my inbox. I have had a private email exchange with datahead before, and he suggested to call for a General Discussion in IRC to talk the matter over. If this is in the general consensus, please give some time frames where you think you can join an IRC session. I am pretty sure that I am not able to join a lengthy IRC session before April. A note on our forum software. A discussion in the German Ruby forum has started to move over to a mailinglist, and it is not unlikely that it will ultimately allow Chessboard to power its web UI. As of now, I lack the time to provide such an installation, and thus the future German Ruby ML would probably go without a web UI other than Gmane or (which are both pretty nice, though), but what I want to express here is that Chessboard will not fall out of maintenance. It works, and I will fix bugs on it. Newest master also has a feature to change tags on existing posts, it's just not deployed on, which should be an easy matter (I will mail to xet7 on this privately). I hope you understand that I need to change my priorities in face of my current study situation. I cannot promise to come back afterwards in the same way as I was doing before, but I promise to give a notice if I permanently leave the project. Greetings Marvin (aka Quintus)