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Developer Discussion

Position rotation and domain

25th of March, 2017 09:26

[tsc-devel] Position rotation and domain

Hi everyone, since nobody expressed interested in a GD, there is no reason to hold one. What remains can be managed via the ML. xet7 has offered to take over the project lead position and take over the old domain indefinitely. Since I believe that everyone should have a chance to take the position, I want to publically ask whether this is fine or whether someone else is interested as well. The only requirement for application is that you're a TSC team member and have too much time available™. Please apply for the project lead position until 2017-04-09 00:00 UTC by publically posting your application here on the mailinglist. If required, a vote will be held subsequently. Whoever takes over will receive all rights that I have (and has the not really nice task to talk to our sponsor and tell him that he takes over the server). The project lead position means managing the tracker, asking people to do things, hang around in the chatroom and answer any questions that might arise in the forum. Release planning is also a thing. The assistant lead helps with all of that, so you don't have to do it all alone. The probably most important duty is to ensure the project does not enter a “sleep” state where everybody loses interest. I am going to transfer the old domain to xet7 anyway unless someone objects, because he's responsible for the administration anyway already. If it's desired, I can further maintain TSC's bank account, but since as of now exactly no income was generated there, I will cancel it as soon as its balance reaches zero. It currently has 12,53 EUR on it, monthly upkeep is 2 EUR. Valete, Marvin