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Developer Discussion

Assistant lead position rotation

7th of June, 2017 09:25

[tsc-devel] Assistant lead position rotation

Hi everyone, datahead has resigned as assistant lead, as he needs to concentrate finishing his game. I thank him for all his work as assistant lead. He will still be aroúnd for some changes to TSC, but won't be merging pull requests or managing issues. This opens up assistant lead position for new applicants. The assistant lead position means helping me managing the tracker, asking people to do things, hang around in the chatroom and answer any questions that might arise in the forum. Assistant lead also helps with release planning. The probably most important duty is to ensure the project does not enter a “sleep” state where everybody loses interest, so assistant lead needs to remind me what needs to be done, on IRC or email. Please apply for the assistant lead position until 2017-06-25 00:00 UTC by publically posting your application here on the mailinglist. If required, a vote will be held subsequently. BR, xet7